M.L. Sanchez Silva, M.J. Ramos, M.A. Rodrigo, P. Sanchez

University of Castilla La Mancha (SPAIN)
To adapt the Chemical Engineering studies to the new legislative framework, the Chemical Engineer degree which started in 1992, became two consecutive degrees: Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and Master´s degree in Chemical Engineering. During the academic year 2010-2011 the implementation of the new Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering was completed while during 2012-2013 the implementation of the Master´s degree in Chemical Engineering took place.

In the current context of adaptation to the European System of higher Education Area (EHEA), both degrees are immersed in an accreditation process to recognise them by the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation Quality (ANECA). The main aim of the accreditation process is to verify the commitments acquired in the verification report and evaluate the results obtained of these degrees. The assessment will be based on seven criteria that define the most relevant teaching aspects to carry out the assessment process. Each criterion is based on the compliance with various guidelines to be evaluated semi-quantitatively by means of evidences and indicators that should be available and registered by the University. The lack of experience in the current accreditation process has led to identify that there are some gaps that could be covered based on the experience gained in this accreditation process.

Since 2005, the group of lecturers of the Chemical Engineering Degrees has participated in different Education Innovation calls that the University of Castilla-La Mancha has carried out, developing various projects of educational innovation in order to plan, coordinate and schedule the implementation of Bachelor and Master´s degrees in Chemical Engineering.

To sum up, the aim of this project was to plan an appropriate and coordinated approach to the accreditation process. To achieve this object it is necessary to develop a set of pick up tools in order to sort and store the evidences and indicators required to support any evaluation made within the Chemical Engineering degrees for future accreditations.