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J. Sánchez Santamaría, F.J. Ramos, P. Sánchez-Antolín

University of Castilla La Mancha (SPAIN)
The vast majority of Spanish universities have integrated Moodle as Learning Management System (LMS). This is because, compared with other LMS, Moodle is more effective and feasible for didactic usage. But there are still few studies of the pedagogical impact of Moodle in teaching. Thus, there are a lot of questions to which for replying, for instance: What do students know about the tools offered by Moodle?; How to use these tools in their training?; Are they satisfied with the use of these tools?; Which are the needs of teachers? Is the usage of moodle related with the improve of teaching? What impact does Moodle for developing of professional competencies? The aim of this paper is to understand, analyze and compare the student’s perceptions on the didactic usages of Moodle at university teaching. To this end, this study takes a survey design, with the intentional non-random sample of 178 students from Primary Education degree and Social Education degree of Cuenca Campus in the University of Castilla-La Mancha. For collecting information, an ad hoc questionnaire, consisting of 5 dimensions and 119 variables, has been used. Data gathered highlight the relevance of Moodle in university teaching: role that it plays to visualize the teaching outline and to exchange documents. To sum up, students show a high degree of satisfaction, but identified some limitations related to teacher training and technical issues.