D. Sánchez García-Vacas1, J. Patiño Pérez2, R. Cabello López1, R. Llopis Doménech1, E. Torrella Alcaraz3

1Jaume I University (SPAIN)
2Frost-Trol S.L. (SPAIN)
3Polytechnic University of Valencia (SPAIN)
Nowadays the most used and extended technology in artificial cold production are vapor compression systems. Refrigeration facilities based on this technology need electricity to work and its efficiency is essential for a sustainable development. To minimize this value it is necessary to monitor its operation in order to have real data to improve its behavior. Some thermophysical variables as temperature, pressure or electrical power consumption allows monitoring almost completely the operating conditions of the refrigeration facility. However, the difficulty and the high cost of data acquisition systems block this idea being the main drawback.

The main objective of this work is to present a low-cost data acquisition system based on Arduino platform as a powerful tool to show the most important data of a small refrigeration facility as a freezer, air conditioning or vending machines. The DAQ low-cost system has been developed using an Arduino MEGA 2560 with the following sensors: 7x thermistors to measure the temperature, 2x pressure gauges to register high and low pressure levels in a refrigeration facility; 2x combined humidity and temperature sensors to provide information about the internal environment (used to cold down the products) and the external environment and one wattmeter to measure the electricity power consumption of the facility. The registered data is displayed in a LCD display and sent via USB to the computer to record and display them in graphical interface developed on LabView.

The developed DAQ system will be used in practical sessions over a commercial air conditioning. The aim of this is to ensure a quickly understanding and a better assimilation of the theoretical concepts explained in class.