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N. Sami Abdelaziz

The assessment necessities of the educational standards, today, are more complex. It is not anymore the traditional system to create an assignment and to evaluate it base on the instructor perception, knowledge, and estimation. The assessments implementation improved tremendously, the rubric is one of them, and its application within the specific specialization become more complex and difficult.

Rubrics become prevalent with educators as resources of expecting communication for assignments, providing focused feedback on works in progress, and grading outcomes. Concerning educators, the word “rubric” accepted definition is an assessment tool that expresses the prospects for an assignment by listing criteria of evaluations and relating levels of quality on a rating scale. Additionally, rubric serves as a teaching tool rather than evaluating only. The application of it, endorse the formative part of the student-centered approach to assessment in the educational system. Rubric participate in the clarity of the performance quality, and guide throughout the feedbacks in the teaching progresses.

The application of the educational trends of assessments, rubric, in the interior design education, need thoughtful steps to overcome the difficulties. Rubric, as an assessment tool, is a numeric scientific system that fit with many disciplines where the evaluations of the exercises and the assignments should reach specific correct answers. Interior design is a field where science and art meet. Part of the assessment (the scientific part) could follow the rubric evaluation system, but the artistic part of the assessment need hard effort to integrate it with the rubric system.

This paper will discuss and explore the rubric applications in one of the interior design program’ course, which is the Interior Lighting Design – in Ajman University, UAE. The complexity of the assessment tool and the consistency of the assignment will create a standard to fit rubric sheet for this course. This paper will detail the various assignment’ rubric and clarify their benefits to the assessment and the educational progress regarding the students.