The need for a tutorship action at the university level seems to be clear, but it must not be understood only like an intervention along the academic trajectory of the student, but also it should be assumed the tutorship function in those students that after graduation, they decide to continue with us and follow their formation with postgraduate studies. Then, it becomes necessary in these cases to carry out counselling tasks in the start of the research stage, what includes also the preparation in decision making and those related to the personal plane. In this sense, we have performed during the academic course 2010/2011 a Tutorship Action Project (TAP) at the Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Granada) who allowed the tutorship of students from the degrees of Pharmacy, Food Science and Human Nutrition interested in the achievement of a master's degree, third cycle of the university educations that will allow them to acquire an advanced formation of specialised character. Sixty eight students were enrolled in this TAP in addition to 13 lecturers. The final survey performed by the students allowed us to assess the success of the TAP. This survey was composed by 17 questions divided in five different groups. Each question was ranked from 1 to 4, being four the better mark (the student fully agree with the question). The general mark was 3.26 ± 0.61 with more than 34% of students fully agreeing the all the questions. The results obtained showed that the TAP improved the information requested by the students about master studies and the research career (mark: 3.30 ± 0.46). In addition, the TAP also allowed to the students to take a final decision about their professional future (Mark: 2.93 ± 0.66). Regarding to this, it should be highlighted that the most valued point of the TAP was the personal attention given by lecturers to the students along the TAP (mark: 3.7 ± 0.51). So, the 97.7% of the participants propose to repeat the TAP for new students in the next academic year.