E. Salvador, V. Aragó

Universitat Jaume I (SPAIN)
With the recent changes in the Spanish higher education system is a challenge for all the educational members the development and application of new methodologies that motivate student learning. To approach the field of finance and stock markets to all the students regardless their education profile and to improve the teaching-learning process of finance, we have proposed a new approach to financial subjects.

One of the main objectives is to prepare / improve teaching material, particularly for financial modules. The goal is to facilitate students or potential investors who have no previous knowledge or any background on finance / economics understanding fundamental concepts in the decision-making process (finance). The final objective of this improvement is to get an easy approach to financial knowledge (many times explained as too formal and / or theoretical) in a simple and practical manner.

Although the time and resources have been limited, the application of this approach in an optional subject named Asset Analysis (A70), during the 4th year of the Business Administration degree at Jaume I University of Castellón, is producing results that we could qualify as hopeful. Particularly, there has been a better understanding of the topics explained in comparison with the traditional methods based on lectures. It has also been observed a better comprehension and linkages between theoretical and practical applications. Furthermore, the direct practical application of the topics discussed in class and their observable consequences in the real world has aroused the interest of students and let the professor discuss some issues further than previous years.