R. Salmerón, C. García, M.M. Martín

Universidad de Granada (SPAIN)
Traditionally, Spanish university teaching has been characterized by a strong theoretical charge with small emphasis on practical application. The implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) tried to change this trend focussing on the attention of the figure of the student, limiting the figure of the teacher as "a shepherd who leads his flock." Within this scenario, this paper presents a website offering to students, and university community in general, the chance to enter into the analysis of an econometric model in an independent way.

The produced material is basically made up of videos together with appropriate explanatory comments that show how to estimate and validate a general linear model by using specialized econometric software. The election of the econometric packages Gretl and R is not arbitrary but responds to the need to provide to students reliable tools that may be freely used in their professional future without being subject to licensing fees. The main goal is to focus on the learning process in the students providing them more than only pages filled with formulas (often incomprehensible to the student). We consider that this contribution leads to a learning methodology based on the student, combining education, research and innovation while improving the employability of our students, being some of the main priorities of the EHEA.