A. Salandin

Universidad del País Vasco, Ingeniería de Edificación (SPAIN)
In the last academic years a new evaluation system for measuring academic performances of students according to the Bologna Process and to the creation of the European High Education Area (EHEA) has been designed at the Building Engineering School of the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia. The evaluation itself has been split in different evaluation acts with a quite restrictive normative framework. Thus the continuous evaluation has become one of the more important items with increasing weight of almost 40% of the final mark.
In this paper we will offer an overview of the different evaluation items and its evolution that have been introduced in order to attend the importance of the continuous evaluation, incorporating differentiation and exploration of alternative methods. Furthermore we will discuss its impact on the course of Mechanic of Structures, a basic 4.5 ECTS course of the third semester of the Technical Architecture degree.