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K. Saini, S. Goyal

Scottish High International School (INDIA)
Compassion, connectivity & creativity are deep rooted in any educational philosophy and as part of good citizenship it is responsibility of any curriculum to address the needs of special education of children as an integral part of its curriculum policy.

This paper aims to brainstorm issues of a huge population of children with special needs/difficulties in integrating them into the mainstream curricula aiming to make them self dependent citizens and take the world head on.

Presentation Flow:
Showcase the startling numbers of the growing population of children with special needs under the spectrum of Autism disorders (ASD), Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Hyperactivity, MMR etc. using Graphics Videos, World Surveys, CNN snapshots.

Discuss the practical difficulties faced while learning/teaching such children in an environment using Interactive color discussion cards and a game of ‘Housie’.

Discuss myths, misconceptions and realities w.r.t the strengths/weaknesses of teachers and learners in integrating them into the mainstream Curricula using Real life testimonials, custom videos & photographs and a game Myth Casino’.

Discuss strategies, research methodologies, SEN policies and IEP (Individual Education Plans) to help integrate such children using core strengths of curricula while playing a game ‘Lucky Suggestion Dip’.

Create the most preferred curriculum for special needs children which due to its inherent strengths of connectivity, compassion, collaboration & reflection will provide useful strategies in mainstreaming such children. Videos and examples of success stories of such children in schools will be shown.