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K. Saini, S. Goyal

Scottish High International School (INDIA)
The aim of this paper is to highlight the challenges of assessment systems in the fast growing and dynamic educational sector and suggests solutions to handle it at a global level in the back drop of multicultural, international and varied curricula. The paper identifies some key areas of concern and spells out many myths and realities about assessment as it is commonly understood. Special emphasis is given to the dynamism of assessment reforms on a multicultural, multilingual, multi-curricula horizon. Paper and presentation strategy: The entire paper and presentation will be highly interactive in nature with emphasis on more practical analysis than theoretical hypothesis. Videos, photographs, statistics, graphs, examples and narrations will be an integral part of the presentation for the participants to be more connective and relate with their own organizations. Interactive game sessions of ‘Housie’, ‘Casino of myths’ and ‘Suggestion lucky dips’ will be an integral part of the presentation. Presentation Flow: a. Introduction to the need for a good assessment policy in relation with the current localized scenario of one’s own organization. b. An awareness test will be conducted interactively to highlight view points on the strengths of good assessment. c. A Housie game will be played to highlight certain myths and realities of good assessment systems and ethics of assessment. d. It will be then highlighted how one controlled assessment system gets out of control in a different scenario of culture, curriculum or environment. e. An interactive ‘lucky dip suggestions’ game will be played to highlight the evolvement of a good assessment system for an organization. f. The presentation will end with burning question of ‘what is the best assessment system to be adopted?