A. Saad Zaghlol

Benisuef University, Faculty of Physical Education (EGYPT)
The most important advantages of sport are their close connection with developments and bases of other physical sciences where every sport activity is characterized with special abilities and properties qualifying sport individual to practice this type of activity and make him reaches high levels.

Although there is an ideal technical performance of swimming methods by which each learner confines in performing this movement but there is a difference between one learner and another in his functional potentials, hence this performance is suitable for some athletes and not for others.

Learner's body position during swimming is the horizontal position. In this position, blood pressure is in its least level during lying because blood runs a little away from the effect of gravity and heart beats reduce also.

Learner often makes muscular work with breath stopping that generates increasing in CO2 in blood to make the body responses for that change by expanding arteries, particularly feeding cerebral carotid arteries. This response transfers to adjustment over time leading to development of cerebral feeding process and hence mental abilities.

Assistant tools are used in performing introductory swimming exercises which facilitate the potential of learning the skill. Tools make learner more concentrated on the desired skills and they also help overcoming fear, so they are considered important educational factors beside their role in helping learner to diversify education which activates learner's dispositions to improve performance in a better way.

Good use of assistant methods contributes greatly in female students ability of quick learning, perfecting swimming skills, they also help in reducing time dedicated for learning the skill.

Through the researcher's knowledge of previous studies and scientific references , she observed that studying swimming received broad interest by the researcher in educational and training aspect but they didn't concern with studying the effect of using float tools that help in learning swimming basic skills . The importance of the study is that it is an attempt to discover the effectiveness of using float tools that help in learning and developing swimming basic skills as well as circulatory – respiratory system response of female students at faculty of physical education – Minia university and providing researchers with valuable information about the effect of using float tools and the extent of its effectiveness in learning swimming skills.

The researcher used the experimental method by designing the pre – post measurements for two groups , one is the experimental group and the other is the control groupThe research sample included female students first graders at faculty of physical education – Minia University. The research sample included (30) female students divided into two groups . The researcher used tools of( kickboards – shoulders boards- wave strikes ) and skilful tests in swimming .

The most important results are that using float tools has a positive effect in improving the competency of circulatory – respiratory system and the level of learning basic skills for students at faculty of physical education – Minia University of the experimental research group.
keywords: swimming.