D. Rutkauskiene1, D. Gudoniene2

1Kaunas University of Technology (LITHUANIA)
2Vilnius University (LITHUANIA)
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have become one of the fastest growing market in the field of education. More and more new European institutions get involved in it every year. The entrance of new players in the market of MOOCs has fostered new winds regarding the provision of MOOCs. Every year, new ideas, approaches, methods, strategies and tools are applied in order to facilitate the process of MOOCs provision thus making MOOCs more innovative, unique, and attractive for learners. To stay competitive in the fast-growing market, institutions have created their own MOOCs provision strategies. The rapid change of market players and the growing supply shapes a new understanding of MOOCs. For this reason, organizations have to rethink their strategies for MOOCs provision more often and redesign their plans to stay up-to-date. The paper aims at presentation and comparison of the most popular institutional strategies concerning MOOCs provision.