New degree courses require from teacher a demanding sense of timing and control of the contents, schedules, or any educational activity that takes place in the classroom or outside. A greater communication and coordination between students and teachers is also needed. A detailed record of all past, present or future teaching events, that is, a teaching calendar, would be a good tool to get it. This calendar should include schedules, programming, timetable, contents to develop in each class (theory, practice, problems, seminars, and group tutorials), student materials for each class, appointment list, activities timing, office hours, demand for a tutor support session, motivation and time spent in each meeting… All this, well organized and presented, would be a powerful tool for teachers and students. It would be useful for teachers to be organized, interact with students or even infer future improvements or just get an adjusted, automatic and computerized schedule. Predictions would be more reliable year after year, and repetitive administrative and management tasks would be avoided by teachers. We can get it from Web technology, accessible from anywhere with mobile devices or computers. In this paper, we explore and show how to do it.