S. Rubín

Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (MEXICO)
“Academic Writing” course has been given by first time in the UPAEP on-line modality, in which it’s used a Learning Management Systems platform, these course boosts in the students attitudes and values on a humanist and critical thinking way that allow them:
- To work in reflections about the paper of the writing through the person, the culture and the individual development
- To write reflections about the context as a need to know
- To take posture and purchase consciousness of the own role in the knowledge generation
- To evaluate the own posture criteria and contrasts them with a model reader one to impact positively in the taking of posture of this reader

As a general purpose of the course -based in competences- the student recognizes the micro and macro structural coherence of an expositive and an argumentative speech through specific criteria and strategies of critical thinking to analyze and evaluate written, oral, visual and audiovisual expression structures. The student applies processes of critical thinking using the analysis and the evaluation of the written, visual, oral and audiovisual expression structures to employ them in the writing, personal and professional fields. The student has to take decisions with criteria and humanists values, using a strategic, dialogical and critical thinking for the responsible exercise of the freedom.

The methodology that allows reaching the purpose of the course, no longer roots in the writing discipline, but in the process of thinking. The purpose works from a course that precedes the Academic Writing one, which talks about the Structural Foundations of the Thinking so that, by this way, the student realize a reflection about the role of the writing on the person development (cultural and individually). The student must also recognize the importance of a speech according to a purpose and make reflections about the value of the method around the distinction between information and knowledge. In this process of thinking the student will configure an own posture in a speech from its argumentative structure and will think about the relation between taking a posture and the research of the truth; the student also will contrast the implicit thinking in a speech with the critical thinking criteria. All this will be useful in the development of the person and the speech like an exercise of congruence.

Regarding the course of Academic Writing, teachers work with the student about the role of the writing in the generation of the knowledge. The student also is able to realize problems from the speech of the other for taking conscience of the context to know, to analyze and to value the speech of other; then for, the student values the own criteria to construct the own posture and purchase consciousness of the own paper in the generation of the knowledge. Finally, the student values and contrasts the own posture with one of a model reader to impact positively in a taking of posture.
The methodology suggested in this course relates the skills of the thinking with the humanist ones, which translates as follows:
To see
To judge
To Act
Thinking Process
To describe
To explain
To translate
To analyze
To value,
To propose,
To convince