C. Royo, J. Bosse

EUCEN - European University Continuing Education Network (BELGIUM)
The DIALOGUE network aims at bridging the gap between academic research on University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) and the professional practice around adult teaching, learning and guidance within lifelong learning (LLL) provision. It aspires to create a European Space for DIALOGUE between ULLL researchers, practitioners and policy makers. By reinforcing this knowledge alliance, the project will improve the transfer of educational research into the field of professional practice in ULLL as well as the thematic involvement of practitioners in research, which will support the collective production of knowledge and reinforce the evolution of LLL.


The research-practice link is explored in four theme groups identified as highly relevant topics on the adult education agenda:
• Access and Progression, for flexible learning pathways and enhanced participation of adults in LLL
• Learning and Guidance for effective LLL guidance systems
• New Media for innovative solutions in teaching and learning methods and flexible access to programmes
• Quality for a high quality LLL-offer

The European Space for Dialogue and practitioner-researcher cooperation are reached by involving two representatives (a practitioner and a researcher) of each partner institution in the project. Each of these two institutional partners has joined a different thematic working group (TWG). Like that, they will benefit from different insights of at least two working groups when discussing DIALOGUE. This practical experience of the researcher-practitioner cooperation in the project is supplemented by different research activities:

1. Collection of best case practices of researcher-practitioner cooperation (transfer or research results to practice and practice’s contribution to research) and of national overviews
2. Production of SWOT and Network Analyses: The identified case studies will be analysed in detail in terms of practitioner-research cooperation and of the different research cultures and underlying concepts of research and learning cultures. The role of LLL networks to overcome barriers will be investigated.
3. Formulation of multilevel recommendations: Based on the results, partners will identify regional, national and European recommendations to strengthen the research-practice links

User and target groups:
DIALOGUE is highly relevant for ULLL and adult education (AE) researchers and practitioners in their teaching, researching and planning activities, for ULLL networks as fora for exchange, and for social partners and policy-makers in view of their catalysing roles. The target audience is clearly the learner, with special focus on the LLL adult learner, who will benefit from an improved LLL offer.

Results achieved until June 2012:
• Creation of the European space for DIALOGUE
• 37 identified best practices and 24 national overviews
• Interactive project networking platform
All results and project information are available for download on the http://dialogue.eucen.eu/