E. Rousselot

Raccoon (SPAIN)
Even though theories, books and essays have been written about the positive benefits of collaboration on creativity and learning, few authors really offer practical solutions or tools to implement this collaboration and make it happen in real situations.

Betrained wants to be a practical answer to this need in the corporate world. Betrained is a 2.0 Learning Management System (LMS), an in-the-cloud tool for collaborative learning, mutual enrichment, and HR training management.
The aim of the presentation is to show how a 2.0 LMS works, and present 2.0 LMS users’ success stories.

Who is Betrained best designed for?

Betrained is designed for international, national or small companies’ employees and HR departments. During our presentation we’ll be able to show how companies are using this 2.0 LMS and how it helps them manage their training program and enhance a new way of learning (thus productivity) in their companies.

How does it work? What is collaborative learning?

Step 1: Betrained is a content depository for companies’ official training programs. This platform allows administrators to set up trainings individually, based on a position, a department, specific groups or individual needs. It is precise.

Step 2: A 2.0 LMS allows users to learn from others’ practices and ask for help from peers on specific points.
The company training program can be the starter for those conversations between employees, but everyone can publish learning objects and start conversations about topics the company didn´t insert in the training circuit.
Every user can publish material he/she considers useful for the others. Everyone can comment on every learning object and create his/her own network. From all these interactions emerge a collaborative way of learning and training: users are actives. The dynamic is positive. It is social and efficient.

Step 3: HR training managers control the platform activity and learn from the community activity as specific points or needs rise from the conversations. Users receive the training they need as HR managers analyze and meet their requirements. It is efficient.

What are the benefits for the HR department?

Thanks to a comprehensive back office and 7 different roles of users, HR managers can lead the activity (being a Course Manager), guide users (being a Tutor), direct conversations ( being a tutor or a training assistant), create and assign specific courses and tasks (being a Training Managers and Course Creator).

Because HR departments need to control and follow up on every employee’s training, Betrained also offers them a great range of reports: reports on employees’ activity on learning objects, on courses, and on itineraries; exam results, check every user access to the platform and follow up on every Individual Training Program.

Betrained as a potential m-learning tool:

Collaboration is, as creativity, a concept which doesn’t follow strict time scheduling or tight planning. As a permanent online tool, Betrained gives a chance for users to share and ask for ideas, knowledge and know-how whenever they want, wherever they are.