K. Roslon

Silesian University of Technology (POLAND)
The scope of this paper refers to the widely understood issue if the metamorphosis of space treated as a multifaceted process that concerns the structure, form and character and atmosphere of the interior. Presented metamorphosis - change constitutes one of the stages of this process, a stage, which is not always the ultimate realization. The problem of space variability, interior variability is currently very often undertaken as the subject of research and design work. This approach refers to the change of modern man lifestyle, his increased activity, mobility, limited time, which affect the formation of a new understanding of the interior space. Interior space, which is subject to the metamorphosis is a mirror of social change, as well as the reflection of technical and technological possibilities. Growing awareness of space and its quality has enabled a much broader overview of the interior, which in presented paper became the pretext for wide functional and compositional analysis. The observation is based on the author’s design practice and a group of Interior Architecture students of Department of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology. Design projects and realizations as well as model design solutions were analyzed indicating factors that affects the metamorphosis of space and conditions of this change. Conducted actions were of artistic - research nature and were used to draw conclusions concerning the degree of space interference, model of design activities and the forecast path of further transformations.