E. Rosales-Asensio1, E. González-Cabrera1, I. Ruigómez-Sempere1, D. Borge-Diez2

1Universidad de La Laguna (SPAIN)
2Universidad de León (SPAIN)
We present the results of the research whose general objective is to analyze the competences in ICT of lecturers who teach classes in the technical areas of the University of La Laguna (Spain). The study was addressed with descriptive exploratory scope; A mixed approach was used for the application of techniques in data collection and analysis. The results reveal the basic competences that lecturers have, as well as the factors that determine the incorporation of these technologies into their teaching practice. Finally, as a strategy to improve the performance of lecturers in the context of information technologies, their training is promoted in the collaborative incorporation of open educational resources in the design and implementation of instructional activities.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have revolutionized the different fields of daily life (labor, health, financial, fiscal, commercial and entertainment, to mention a few), and precisely one of the areas in which the greatest impact has represented its incorporation is the educational sector. The trend of ICT use is being oriented toward the development of distance learning models and the incorporation of innovative educational practices in the classroom, both on the side of lecturers and students. On the other hand, it is crucial for lecturers to understand the importance of their training in these technologies, because they are ultimately a determining factor in the learning process of students, and even more, because a large number of students are currently in the classroom with experience in the use of ICT.

The research approach was considered mixed, since quantitative and qualitative techniques were applied for the collection and analysis of data. The invitation to participate and to respond to the online questionnaire was made through internal emails from the University of La Laguna.

Results and conclusions:
The findings obtained in this exploratory study contribute a particular vision of the lecturers of the technical areas of the University of La Laguna. It allows to understand, beyond the political discourse, the necessity of developing programs of permanent training and development for lecturers, to provide them with training in the development of skills that allow them to incorporate these technological resources (pedagogical and technical competencies), in order to guide students in the construction of their meaningful learning and, fundamentally, to enable lecturers to become the key factor for the creation of collaborative educational environments towards the generation and application of knowledge with colleagues and students. Among the factors identified in the present paper that determine the use of new technologies in teaching practice, it is emphasized that the most valued component refers to having a positive view of the didactic use of ICT (attitude).