M.A. Roque López

University of Castilla-La Mancha (SPAIN)
Blender is a Open Source 3D suite platform oriented to computer graphics image projects (CGI) and distributed under GPL license. That software, not only incorporates 3D features, also incorporates multiple other features that allow users to develop almost any graphic project being therefore a useful software for the development of artistic projects based on these features.

This article focuses on the use of Blender for developing illustrations, video, animation, sculpture, visual effects and 3D models. Also, to achieve this purpose we studied the main features included in Blender such as: UV / Image Editor, Video Sequence Editor, Movie Clip Editor, Sculpt Mode, Graph Editor and Node Editor .

The purpose of this article is to show the features included in Blender and evaluate the utility of these in the development of artistic projects and design in order to evaluate the utility of incorporate Blender as tools among those usually learned in the different stages of art education .

To achieve this goal, this study presents and compares infographics usual softwares used during the artistic teaching in the higher education with those provided by Blender to get an overview of the challenges and benefits of this premise.