A. Romo, P. Paoli

Universidad Panamericana (MEXICO)
Statement of the Problem
The low educational rate given to Mexico by PISA and another studies about the level of children competencies give us an idea of the necessity to improve the quality of educational services. We have to take a first look to teachers training on the premise that quality of education cannot exceed the quality of teachers. Nowadays, teachers have to face the challenges that globalization and technology are demanding.
We cannot focus on technology alone, we have to be alert to the new models of learning: social network, academic mobility, wikis, for example. In this way, teachers have to be able to develop specific competencies in order to face the educational challenge and increase the global and technological competencies in their students. According to OCDE´s project dedicated to the Definition of Selection of Competencies (DESECO), the key competencies has been categorized into three groups: To use tools interactively, to interact in heterogeneous gropus and the last to act autonomously, these three categories are interrelated. We’re certain that the first step to acquire a success learning is to take the students to an attractive learning experience. In order to reach our goal, which is a success learning by the acquisition of Key Competencies, we are proposing the development of an educational software that give us the platform to reach, in one hand, the teachers training and, in the other hand, the competencies of the students. The name of the software is CODES, which means Competencies and Developer Software.

Methods and Procedures
As CODES is a software based on the development of key competencies which adapts its content to the kind of intelligence or intelligences of each student; the process by which we´ll be proceeding in order to test its efficiency will be develop according to the following strategy.
First of all we have created this application for Mac´s software, so it can be used either, on a computer or a mobile device so students may learn in any of the modalities of Mac´s technology.
The software will assess the kind of intelligence using a special test so we can identify the kind of activities that should be loaded in the student´s account.
We´ll be working at the beginning on one specific subject (Ecology). The set of activities (individual and team work activities) will be loaded for each student.
The student will have to work on the activity and we´ll be monitoring it´s development and competency´s acquisition with an assessment rubric we have created.

Educational Importance of the Study
This educational alternative and study promotes:
• An autonomous and voluntary learning.
• Interaction with other students around the world in a teamwork environment.
• A self-learning method not only for the twenty-first century student but for the twenty-first century student that has one or more types of intelligence.
• An answer to the lack of teacher´s creativity for the development of activities.

This software has been made of multidisciplinary activity´s and information set specifically designed for the development of key competencies. It also represents a space in which students all over the world can be able to work individually or in teams in order to achieve the goals each activity puts forward.