This project aims to provide the Master students of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering of Ciudad Real (ETSII-UCLM) extra theoretical and practical training on the manufacturing process and mechanical characterization of composite materials. The use of fibre reinforced polymers has augmented during the last years in many applications since these are very lightweight materials that offer high rigidity and high strength. This work proposes that the ETSII-UCLM could develop additional teaching on the study of composites due to their increasing industrial interest. The specific activities can help the students to deepen their knowledge about the design and production of laminates that can be very useful for their future professional life.

The methodology consists of theoretical-practical sessions (in the form of a workshop) as complementary actions to their subjects of structural design and materials science. Through these sessions, students are invited to investigate how to resolve the proposed problems, encouraging the exchange of opinions and teamwork. The workshops allow the students to participate actively in the phases of definition, fabrication and testing of the composites. In this sense, composite plates are laminated and cured by the proper students, who have previously done the calculations for their optimization. Finally the students cut the specimens, test them to traction and evaluate the results obtained.

Students have positively valued the training course and the preliminary results have been successfully in the four editions carried out, even so their evolution is going to be monitored in this work to present the results obtained and draw conclusions in order to improve the methodology used as much as possible.