A. Romero, J.C. Morocho

Universidad T├ęcnica Particular de Loja (ECUADOR)
At present, the University promotes student-centered learning, fostering autonomous, personalized, constructivist and ubiquitous learning. In this scenario, Open Educational Resources (OER) play a relevant role in the formation of self-study skills and specific competencies required in a knowledge area.

The purpose of the present work is to approach the quality of the educational resources open from a point of view that allows to maintain the principles of OER and at the same time that can be used for the training of engineers.

The main activity of engineers is to conceive, design, implement and operate innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of society. Therefore, universities must forge training in competencies, both generic and specific, that allow engineering professionals to respond adequately to the challenges of today's society. The Open Educational Resources are considered to contribute to competency-based training and the present work emphasizes the quality of OER as a transversal concept for the training of engineers.