I. Rodríguez Terán1, M.P. Gutiérrez Hernández1, L.C. Méndez Guevara1, J.C. Ávila Hernández2, J.F. Solís Villarreal1

1Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (MEXICO)
2Universidad Tecnológica de Bahía de Banderas (MEXICO)
Currently in some countries, has addressed the problem of security in the use of Information Technology and Communication as the case of Spain, where he is developing a culture of prevention aimed at protecting the integrity and safety of children, provide rules basic personal care and how to navigate safely on the Internet with private organizations projects as screens friends, or save the children or through the government's own sites, as technological observatory also provide tools that allow parents own family and children use the Internet safely.

In recent years Mexico has extended the use of the computer in mass among children and adolescents, it is considered a matter of great importance, because it is present as a way of life, and school-age children has greater impact, since a young age, habits are formed using the hardware and software and will depend on education that gives them about it.

This research is intended to design a multimedia software on a preventive guide to most common computer crime through the network against children, made in AutoPlay Media Studio 8, providing advice to children on how to take care when surfing Internet. As preventive measures in the guide produced, it states: what information should not post, do not trust any stranger, not allowing harass, what to do when this happens and how to avoid, also how to prevent computer equipment from viruses such as vaccination secondary storage devices, among others. Provides some tips for parents to protect their children, to not allow deception and evil people are victims of crimes committed through the Internet.

Additionally, a computational tool designed Internet security, which enables you to add more security to the school-level children who use the Internet, is a parental control through a memory storage hardware USB (Universal Serial Bus ) as an affordable solution in cost and easy to use.

Finally, both the guide and USB parental control, to teaching the proper use of the computer equipment and software, as well as pilot testing USB security software tool parental control education to elementary school children.