Dissemination sessions about women in engineering in which, through a poster contest and a round table discussion, women engineers and technologists can make theirselves visible. The intention is to try to break the stereotypes and the social image that Engineering has in the region of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).

There is a widespread concern in Europe about the decrease of the interest in science and technology careers over the last 10 years. Particularly alarming is the low percentage of women. For example, in the branch of engineering and architecture the female percentage reaches 26.4% while in health sciences they represent 70.5% of the students. This reality leads to women always being a minority in engineering, which causes problems of equity, loss of new routes and creativity. In addition, the lack of female gender colleagues generates a reduction in the degree of dedication and motivation of women engineers. If this problem of absence of vocations is added to the growing demand of professionals in engineering, a deficit that requires action in all areas of society is found.

The academic and dissemination sessions of "Women in Engineering" are presented in order to make visible the work done by our women predecessors, women inventors, women technologists or women engineers, to inspire and give trust to new female students’ generations.