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M. Rodríguez-Delgado, J. Hernández-Borges

University of la Laguna (SPAIN)
Nowadays, teaching experimental sciences faces several important challenges among which special attention deserve students’ demands for new and effective didactic materials in accordance with technological advances. Multimedia videos constitute one of these new tools that are increasingly being used in different disciplines. When properly designed and applied, they can be a powerful teaching medium because of their ability to provide a realistic depiction of reality, to attract student’s attention as well as to motivate them.
In this work, several multimedia videos have been designed as complementary tools in teaching good chemical laboratory practices related to quality assurance systems, which introduction in industries and laboratories require a good preparation of those students who finally leave university and enter to work in this important field. These videos which have been designed to describe key aspects that any chemist working in quality assurance should know, have been provided to the students in the virtual classroom at different stages of the subject “Data treatment and quality control in an analytical chemistry laboratory” of the last course of the degree in Chemistry of the University of La Laguna. In general, students have shown positive perceptions towards the designed videos as well as they have highly improved their knowledge and their abilities in this field. Students have also taken part during video elaboration which has provided an additional motivation during their formation.