M. Robo

Albanian National Vocational Education and Training Agency (ALBANIA)
This research aims to identify factors that affect the effectiveness of vocational schools in Albania and reveal whether the implementation of quality assurance system is one of them. Author examines the impact of the implementation of quality assurance system in the effectiveness of vocational schools in Albania.

Objectives of this research were three:analysis of the quality assurance system in vocational education in Albania; analysis the impact of quality assurance system in the effectiveness of vocational schools in Albania, and recommendations for improving the system of quality assurance in VE in Albania.In this article are describes the factors that act in the context of the school, which, within a framework including the implementation of an effective quality assurance, have impact on enhancing the effectiveness of the school.This research was built on the hypothesis that implement of quality assurance system affects the effectiveness of vocational schools.

The methodology used for data collection was mainly based on qualitative and interactive methods such as focus groups, informal discussions with key stakeholders as well as questionnaires. Review of the literature and documentation in the field of school effectiveness and quality of research provided a theoretical framework. Six public vocational schools in Albania, which had geographical distribution and different contexts, were the research sample. Schools were selected by random selection technique from a professional school population in Albania which perform self-evaluation. The methodology used for the analysis and evaluation of the data were SPSS techniques, Pearson correlation and multiple regression analysis. Correlation between effectiveness and implementation of quality assurance system turned out to be positive significant.

Conclusions of this research were:
1. The implementation of quality assurance system affects the effectiveness of the school , serving as a framework within which included other factors such as teacher and community involvement in school activities , visionary and collaborative leadership , and the creation of a climate of cooperation and mutual respect.
2.There is a defined approach to quality and quality assurance in VE Albania, but is not developed a quality assurance framework which include guidelines and quality standards at provider level.
3. The accreditation process of professional schools has not started yet, but a self-evaluation process was running in of some of them.
4. Vocational schools have an approach to quality assurance, which has to do more with defining the responsibilities, rather than with the continuous improvement of quality.

Findings of this article can serve as a theoretical and practical framework for researchers, specialists and staff of vocational education schools because it reflects some of the main factors affecting the effectiveness of public vocational schools today in Albania.