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In the new European Higher Education Area the priority is that students build ideas, mental models and proven theories that allow them to search, select and use the volume of data accumulated to interpret information and intervene, in the best possible way, a continuously changing reality. Undoubtedly, the acquisition of these skills by students is at the heart of changes within the European Higher Education Area, which is why our work focuses on the acquisition of transversal competences by students of the Degree of Food Science and Technology through a collaborative learning process, particularly with the use of different methodologies.

Student responsibility becomes central to the methodological approach to teaching. The approach of this work is based on the experiences developed in the Degree of Food Science and Technology over several academic courses, with the aim of promoting the development and acquisition of responsibility in students.

In this work, the sequential development of the learning process with students is discussed and an assessment of acquired skills is performed. After the analysis of the results, it will be possible to identify and use appropriate strategies to goals, task, context, and the resources available for learning to improve responsibility.

Besides, the involvement of the students to acquire responsibility in their learning process requires the teacher to actively increase their participation in its educational purpose, which also serves to improve teaching.