One of the main problems students face in the learnig of chemical concepts is the understanding of the chemical structures in the 3D space. This is because the school training has been always in two dimensions; books, blackboards, and flat paper surfaces. In order to achieve a better understanding of a 3D world students have to be inmersed into this new world. The technology is now at a breackpoint in which we can use simple tools to teach students to understand the 3D world of the molecules. Several devices are available, in our case we are using a FujiFilm Digital viewer Finepix real 3D V1 in order to show student the 3D world of molecules. This viewer can produce 3D still image and video images with an astounding reality without the use of any other device (special glasses). We will discuse the implementation of this technic to help understanding chemical concepts as mirrow image, enantiomeric and disatereoisomeric compound, and the enantio and stereo selective reactions in chemistry.