Y. Remacha Menéndez

Murcia University (SPAIN)
The proyect consisted in the didactic guide elaboration of “Photography”. This subject is include in Fine Arts grade. I had two colaborators, one of them was another professor and an old student of this subject. The student view worked very well because we could know those teaching aspects that could affect them. I went to different courses about European Convergence to learn as much as I could.

We had different aims with the proyect. One of them was to know the requests of the European Convergence about Photography. We also wanted to planned the teaching implications. We wished to know the new conditions about students.

We used different materials such as the Fine Arts White Book, articles related with Bologna, examples of another subjetcs, etc.

The method to organized the work was to distribute responsabilities into the group. We stablished meetings of different kinds, recurrence and virtuallity depending on the issue. We agreed to use e-mail such as an effective resource to prepare previous informations. Programmed schedule meetings in order to worthwhile the members time.

The result has been a comprehensive didactic guide wich had been performed in two academic courses.

We had obtained some conclusions. We ought to prepare virtual didactic materials, we demand computerize methodologies, professor approchement to the student needs and better schedule in the students activities.