Y. Remacha Menéndez

Murcia University (SPAIN)
“Moodle” is a LMS platform (Learning Managment System) wich help educators to create comunities of learning on line.
The project consisted in the aplication of this software in my classroom. I teach “Television production” in a state high school were the students can learn Professional Training.

One of my aims with this project was to improve the computing competences of my students. I also wanted them to develop the writing competences in technologic words. Also to encourage their english competences.

The materials used to do those aims has been “Moodle”, “Youtube” and photos taken with cameras.

We had done diferent activities. The first one, was a glossary about technological words of television and broadcst. The students must included definitions and photos of different elements such as t.v. cameras, set lighting and so on. They had an extra point if they included the english reference.
Another activity was an exam on line about the glossary done by the students.
We also put different links to “Youtube” where the exercices of my students were on. Our exercicies consist in making t.v programs such as news, debate, quiz show and so on.

In the teaching aspect, the students could see the programation of the subject, calendar wich updated exams, rehersal and recording dates, etc; interesting links related with television and an RSS news daily updated about television, cinema or theatre published in an spanish newspaper.

The result of this experience has been marvellous because they had learn a lot and had been exceeded all expectations.

One of my conclusion is that the students learn easily with e-learning method. They appreciate very much when you devote your free time to design the teaching to them and their motivations.