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E. Ramos, C. García-Cantón, A. Romero

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (SPAIN)
Developing new teaching methods involves taking decisions about procedures, resources and objectives. The development requires a prior organization and additionally, the analysis of acquired knowledge and experience.

Our aim is to innovate with a e-learning method that consolidates the acquired competences along the academic year while offering the students the possibility to manage industry-based cases encouraging, both self-directed and collaborative work. Hence, we have designed a virtual environment where the students perform risk assessments with official databases and open-access software. Additionally, we have added guidelines to use these tools to complete the learning experience. The purpose is to show students how to carry out these assessments of industry-based cases with open-sourced tools. The developed method is set to improve the student's performance, acquire transversal competences and bring them closer to professional experiences through real practical cases, while also helping students with employability and competitiveness in their future professional life. The new teaching method will be evaluated through the results of surveys completed by the students. Surveys are design as 3 blocks; the first is a context block, the second are the positive and negative aspects and finally the last block are questions about the learning experience.