F. Ramos, E. Breso, M. Sanchez

University Jaume I (SPAIN)
The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) has acquired an increasing role in research in recent decades and one of the most highly investigated aspects has been how to measure it. However, there is still no consensus in the scientific community regarding how to evaluate EI. So far, scientific literature has studied the relationship between EI and academic performance through self-report tests and they have not found consistent results in order to establish a correlation between both variables.

In this study, we use MEITPRO, a tool specifically developed to rate EI through execution items in educational settings. The questionnaire has been developed in a digital and interactive format which is easy to manage, simple and quick to answer. The web application is expected to be a motivating environment and an easy test to be completed and used by professionals of psycho-educational sector, schools, school services, parent associations, and so forth. It is possible complete the test into different languages (Spanish, English and Russian).

The sampling obtained was from 748 students in which we evaluated academic performance through their final grades and EI via a performance measure (MEITPRO) and self-report (TMMS).
In this way, we could compare the results obtained considering the questionnaire used and we could also explore the connection between academic performance and EI.