F. Ramos, M. Fernández-Diego

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (SPAIN)
Social media technology has become a growing phenomenon in public and academic use. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach, so educators and teachers should start reinventing their tasks and role in and out of the classrooms. In the last years, the use of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in education has really become widespread and many articles explaining the best practices can be found through Internet. But there are also other lesser-known social networking tools with great potential for teaching. Pinterest is one of these applications, as it reinforces the visual learning modality and for this reason it is ideal to use with digital native students. Pinterest can be a creative tool for students to use to organize resources for presentations, projects, essays, etc. Specially, the ability to pin together images, links, and videos in a visually engaging manner favours its application in fields such as design, architecture, marketing or natural sciences, among others. In this paper, we show how Pinterest can be used by marketing students to collect and share photos of their favourite ads and set up collaborative boards for specific projects. Thereby, the teacher can reinforce the theoretical concepts explained during the classes by means of visual examples self-gathered by students from Internet in a collaborative way for later discussion.