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The bologna process has changed the educational system of all European countries.

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) takes into account the following aspects: dedication to learning, seminars, exercises resolution, educational forums, self-evaluation, etc., along with the classical activities such as assistance to class, laboratories, etc.
University professors need new technologies to face this new situation.

The group of Educative Innovation “IETM” has been more than 10 years searching different ways to carry out the philosophy of university teaching wished by the Bologna Declaration on June 19th 1999.

In this last two years we have been proving ways to evaluate a large group of students, with a weekly monitoring of the group. In order to do that we have tested different computing technologies, automated tasks, self-correction, mutual correction, etc.

The results are very encouraging and we believe they can be used in other subjects and other universities.

Translated by: Isleny Martinez Quiñonez