A. Rahman, N. Zaid, H. Mohamed, Z. Abdullah, B. Aris

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (MALAYSIA)
Technology has changed many of educators’ teaching patterns. The use of technology in teaching and education has long been applied since time immemorial. Technology, to some extent, has also affected educators’ teaching methods and this gave rise to the emergence of a number of pedagogical methods, such as blended learning and flipped classroom, which resulted from the integration of technology with traditional methods. Hence, many studies related to pedagogy, including flipped classroom have been conducted at the University and school levels. However, based on previous studies, effective educators’ teaching methods should be consistent with the learning style of students. Although flipped classroom methods have been widely studied, not many emphasized on students’ learning styles in flipped classroom methods. Only a handful of the researchers emphasized on students’ learning styles in flipped classroom methods. This research will discuss previous studies about the needs and issues of students' learning styles, especially in the flipped classroom teaching methods. In addition, this paper will also briefly comment on in-class activities studied by previous researchers. Finally, the authors will state the learning styles and activities incorporated into the study. However, the survey data cannot be reported since the data collection process is still ongoing.