The introduction of the various Bachelor's degrees resulting from the integration of Spanish university studies into the European Higher Education Area should be synonymous with teaching quality. Practical classes in the laboratory, often conducted by novice teaching staff, can represent a challenge for such teachers, whose lack of experience can lead stressful situations.

The main aim is to assist university teaching staff of practical classes through the use of multimedia by both teacher and student in order to achieve smoother and safer laboratory sessions. To this end, we shall carry out a number of recordings and video editions of various analytical determinations done in practical classes. These recordings will include all the audiovisual material necessary for the student to begin and complete the practical session. In this way, the aim is for classes to be more dynamic and fluid, with the students being able to ask about any doubts they many have regarding the analytical technique in question as they arise. This procedure will therefore make the teacher in charge more available for student/pupil exchange, and also for other matters such as safety in the laboratory. The end result will be the creation of a set of tools useful for improving the autonomous activity of students in this type of practical classes, such as videos or a WEB system of visualization and management of the learning videos for practical classes.

This study is seen as an open project which, once put into practice for practical sessions in one discipline, will be easy to implement and direct in other university specialities.