During the development of the degree in Physiotherapy, background show us that the theoretical part addressed during the initial courses of the degree (first and second year) until reaching 3º and 4º, constitutes a qualitative leap in the needs of attention of student. The students face numerous pathologies, conditions and injuries, to the approach to their dysfunctions and, consequently, to the practical application of concepts that were basically learned by heart.

In our experience, the interactivity that is established in the theoretical-practical classes of the Physiotherapy of the Central Nervous System (CNS) subject shows the difficulties to express decision-making, both in diagnostic tests and in physiotherapy guidelines; sometimes due to insecurity in basic knowledge and always out of fear of the student to express himself publicly

This project is based on the use of a group competition, which anonymously solve problems through concrete decisions (never unique ones) that may be wrong and therefore would need correction, but they are answered by rating the times and the answers, giving rise to a competitive score. The rating can be higher or lower but it is always positive

Material and methods:
The project was developed through manual sheets or electronically. In both forms, the teams progressively received the sheets with “problems” that must be solved in specific times (a few minutes) and that are scored according to their correctness and speed. The solutions, after completing the tests, are always available to the student. The competitiveness in the qualification is by teams and the students obtain, all of them, a plus in the section of continuous training.

The structure of the program begins with the consolidation of the bases in the clinical examination, the answer sheets include mnemonic rules and always with images that reinforce the concept. Progress is made in the difficulty, intermediates in the completion of examination questionnaires and concludes with the resolution of clinical cases.

Results and conclusions:
In the last 10 years, in an unstructured way, approaches to the program that is presented today, have shown the benefits in the application of mnemonic rules and consolidation of the bases for solving problems of physiotherapy needs. The structure of the program allows to establish a methodology and complements the qualification section that corresponds to 10% of the final grade for continuing education.