P. Psomos, M. Kordaki

University of the Aegean (GREECE)
‘Digital Storytelling Pedagogical Star’ is a model for the pedagogical evaluation of Educational Digital Storytelling Environments (EDSE). It is based on modern social and constructivist views of learning and is consisted of sixteen pedagogical dimensions, namely: collaborative learning, creativity and innovation, multiple representations, motivation, cultural sensitivity, gender equality, cognitive effort, feedback, learner control, flexibility, learner activity, valuation of previous knowledge, sharply-focused goal orientation, experiential value, knowledge organization and metacognition. This paper focuses on the exploration of the perceptions of primary education teachers on this model concerning its capacity to evaluate successfully the pedagogical soundness of an EDSE. More specifically, the perceptions of 33 primary school level education teachers were investigated through a questionnaire –including close and open-ended questions- within the context of a workshop where the ‘Digital Storytelling Pedagogical Star’ was presented and discussed. The analysis of the results showed that the proposed model was positively evaluated by the teachers.