J. Prokop, J.M. Łukasik

Pedagogical University of Cracow, Faculty of Pedagogy (POLAND)
The article focuses on negative relations that prevail among school teachers. The theoretical assumptions of: Robert Putnam's social capital, Amitai Etzioni's sensitive community and Piotr Sztopmka's moral extent/range/space as the basis of social capital; became the basis for conducting research among Polish teachers. The research used/uses biographical method. 93 memoirs/diaries were subjected to qualitative analysis. The memoirs were acquired – in accordance with Florian Zaniecki's idea – through competition (national contest). Analyses of the memoirs' contents conducted through the prism of the categories derived from the referenced, in theoretical part, theories allowed for identification of the factors causing teachers to compete and not cooperate. The final conclusions focus is on the guidelines for educating and training teachers. Noted is the need of strengthening, in the process of educating teachers, such areas of knowledge and skills as: getting to know one-self and one’s own potential, interpersonal communication and educational leadership strategies. Reinforcing these areas guarantees that negative rivalry can be transformed into mutual learning and cooperation for the sake of personal development and development of pupils and school.