M. Prochazka, M. Viteckova, M. Najmonova

University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Education (CZECH REPUBLIC)
The paper presents results of a research focused on the analysis of student materials from the final year of master degree programmes in teaching which they prepare on the basis of a so-called self-reflection from their teaching practice. During this four-week practice, under the guidance of an experienced teacher, teacher trainees gain their first, more comprehensive and independent teaching experience. Based on this experience, they choose one of the situations they consider to be significant, and according to the provided structure they elaborate its reflection. This includes capturing the nature of the situation, defining the problem it brings, and describing the proposed solution. In the paper, we present the results of a qualitative analysis of 120 presented analyzes of educational situations. Students' reflections show the nature of the situations they choose and perceive as problematic. We describe their ability to express their own feelings in the situation they are experiencing, to formulate the problem that is contained in the situation and to find adequate theoretical and practical solutions. A partial goal is to formulate the types of strategies that students choose when designing the potential solution to the situation. We focus on the feeling that reflects their readiness to manage the situations that teaching practice brings, just before the start of the professional career of a teacher.