Currently, the indicators determination (selection) for competence evaluation is usually performed by experts groups meetings that pick up, from an extensive set of potential indicators, which are the ones clearly related to the competence; afterwards establishing a weighting (that can vary between lecturers) for determining the final score of the evaluated competence. Nevertheless, these experts group-based determination shows some problems. On one hand, it is not possible to assure that the indicators selection performed by different groups of experts will be the same, because of its intrinsically subjective nature (based on the previous knowledge and experience of each group). On the other hand, an a priori established weighting has as an immediate consequence the impossibility of a posteriori studying the statistical significance of any selected indicator on the analyzed competence, since it will necessary have an influence on the final score of the competence (it has already been included as a weighted part of that final score).

The innovation and educational improvement project is focused on determining how certain competences must be evaluated and which are the indicators to be used for this purpose. This project contributes to achieve two main objectives, it helps to: 1) homogenize the items to be evaluated for each and every one of the lecturers when they evaluate the assigned competence; 2) increase the level of objectivity and reliability evaluation.

Expected Findings:
Expected achievements and evidences are:
- Creating a complete database with all potential indicators to be included in the final models.
- Selecting relevant indicators in each case.
- Creating prediction models and obtaining the corresponding weights for the selected indicators.
- Validating the model with new data to verify its predictive ability.
- Implementing new indicators and their corresponding weights for the competence to be analyzed.

Data collection instruments:
The data collection instruments will be the evaluation of the competence carried out by the lectures associated to this project. This evaluation will be conducted through the rubric generated with all potential indicators included in the study.

This research has been carried out under the project of innovation and educational improvement ‘Validation and selection of indicators for assessing competencies. Application to the transversal competence of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship’, funded by the Universitat Politècnica de València, the School of Computer Science and the School of Industrial Engineering.