M. Poyiadgi

How is technology shaping our future? What are the trends that are influencing our work day and altering how we do business and why are skills and talent the key to our future?

The world is rapidly changing and technology is in the driving seat. Technology has given people the flexibility to work differently. It has opened up doors for everyone and the world is becoming a smaller place for those that choose to develop with the technology. We need to brace ourselves for unprecedented growth with regard to anytime, anywhere on-demand information and entertainment.

People are empowered more than ever before. The rise of eBay, Amazon and TripAdvisor give everyone the opportunity to review a business, a person, an idea. This unlocks a powerful tool that allows us to listen to what is being said in the public domain and act accordingly. Everyone can be our public critic, and equally, where there is critique, there is the opportunity to evaluate, enhance and direct the reviews towards the positive. For the first time, customers are sitting arm-in-arm with CEOs setting strategy, and the opportunity is to harness that thinking.

Taking a look at the pace of technological change, some of the emerging technologies that are impacting learning and how social media changes how we engage our learners, workers and customers of tomorrow, this engaging and thought-provoking presentation will make us think about how technology is altering how we think, communicate, work and learn.