N. Portillo-Poblador, J. Martín-Marín

Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
Competences are defined as a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required to be able to perform real world tasks. Key competences are those which all individuals need for personal development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employment.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia in the strategic plan 2020 aims to advance towards training models achieve their students acquire the necessary competences to have a proper employment. This training should be viewed from a broad perspective, linked to comprehensive training cycle of people, covering both the bachelor’ degree and the post bachelor.

In the course 2014-2015 through a project of educational improvement and innovation called "Training in key competences through the integration between theory and professional practice" the authors has worked on learning and assessment of key competences "Application and practical thinking" and "Knowledge of contemporary issues".

In the Subject Quality Management of third course of the Degree in Public Administration in the Faculty of Business Administration and Management at the Polytechnic University of Valencia have been designed activities that integrate theory with the professional practice in order to facilitate the learning of key competences listed above. Activities involve visits to governments and public organizations, search for current news and analysis of letters of services.
Rubrics are designed for competences assessment.