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Learning a foreign language is not an easy process, however students can learn a language if they are willing to put in time and effort (Gaudart, H. 1997). There are strategies, techniques and practical suggestions for studying effectively to overcome anxiety and learn the skills necessary for success in foreign language classes (Larry M. Lynch: 1996). The purpose of the present research is to know the strategies that the students put into practice when it comes to learning English. The methodology consisted of bibliographical research on the study of foreign language. Field work which consisted of the design and application of four interviews to a sample of students to measure their learning abilities. The first interview measured ability to overcome anxiety. The second measured strategies to study grammar, the third measured analytical skills and the four one measured performance skills. The information was compiled, classified and analyzed. The findings show the most useful strategies that the students use for the study of English. This research paper could be useful for instructors, students, syllabus designers and for those interested in research on studying foreign languages. Finally conclusions were enumerated.