L.G. Popescu

"Lucian Blaga" University (ROMANIA)
Quality management concepts through specific tools and techniques are an effective method that can also be used in educational or cultural management. In order to evaluate the types of problems existing at the Univerity Cultural Center, the present study has identified various methods of control that can be implemented to provide corrective measures to improve the act of creation, education and educational management.

In this case study, we present an analysis followed by proposals to improve student activities at the University Cultural Center of Sibiu using the Six Sigma methodology. In order to define the problem, a sample of 50 students from the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu was selected, out of which 25 students were members of the artistic groups of the University Cultural Center. After a comprehensive analysis carried out at University Cultural Center of Sibiu on the projects carried out over the last five years, 17 categories of problems were identified. After evaluating the improvement alternatives, the team set the corrective actions, the necessary resources and responsibilities, and developed an action plan.

Evaluation of the needs of students working in University Cultural Center of Sibiu demonstrated that a sustained activity of attracting, stimulating and continuously testing their preferences and tastes in terms of consumer and cultural practice and their free time should be developed.