V.A. Popescu1, G.N. Popescu2, C.R. Popescu2

1Commercial Academy of Satu-Mare (ROMANIA)
2The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ROMANIA)
The paper aims at providing a survey of the latest trends that exist nowadays in higher education systems, with direct reference to Romania’s experience. It seeks to study the results obtain in terms of higher education and the impact that these results have in respect to Romania’s development, in the general framework of global crisis.
In order to analyze the development of higher education at an international and national level, a systematic literature review of journal articles mainly based on higher education processes is conducted. Furthermore, a single case study conducted in a Romanian public university is completed. Standardization of certain higher education trends is shown to contribute to the society’s future development, in this case in Romania.
By finding key trends in terms of higher education process a general framework is created. Moreover, due to the belief that education, in general, is the key issue in any developed society in order to show its robust figures in terms of economical and social strengths, the paper seeks to provide clear solution for future development. Clarity and transparency in terms of rules and regulations in the higher education in Romania is needed, as well as quality assurance in this respect.
In terms of research limitations and research implications, due to the fact that we performed a case study on only one university, as with every case study, the process of generalization of our findings is limited.
At a practical implication level, the case study can be useful to other academics and researchers’ interested in topics such as education, in general, higher education, economical and social issues. Clear indications and useful solutions of how to achieve a qualitative and competitive higher education system are given.
The paper provides a clear definition of what higher education is and which its implications are in nowadays society, with a general overview on the Romanian experience.