J.A. Poblete-Flor1, F. Fernández-Martín1, R. Martín-Valero2

1University of Málaga (SPAIN)
2Universidad de Cádiz (SPAIN)
Currently, the transversal word is known such as coordinate concurrent concepts in different teaching subject. This issue is updating and gaining importance in educational system. It is a dynamic concept which is growing. Methodology: a survey was performed in order to obtain the student perception which was made up twenty questions about the directed academic activity carried out in several subjects of the physiotherapy degree. This survey have four dimensions where the concept of transversality are established. Google Drive platform was used to carry out this survey where ítems were Likert type. The total population has been seventy students of the Physiotherapy degree in the province of Cádiz and Málaga. The purpose of this project is to know the perception of the concept of transversal by the student and its effective application in the degree. Results about the Cronbach´s alpha coefficients ranged were from 0,74 to 0.62. According to statistical frequency analysis: 77 % students responded they prefered to share the academic activities with another similarley subjects in degree. In addition to this, 62.9% of the participants have been able to develop their full potential in these collaborative work. In conclusión, these results obtained encourage the creation of further researhes that develop and advance on the weak points of the description of this survey about the perception of transversality by the university respondents.