V.I. Pishchik, Y.E. Galoyan, G.A. Molokhina, E.A. Petrenko, E.E. Rood, B.V. Martynov

Southern University (IMBL) (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The results of the research of creativity of South-Russian teachers working in multicultural migrant environment are represented. As the research shows the social intellect is of great importance in the work with migrant students. We live in the uncertain and unstable world, thus it is quite necessary for teachers to use their creative potential. We suggest using the creativity resource in the educational programs. It should be noted here that the popularity of creativity investigations is decreasing. In the period of 2002-2015 more than 4000 articles with the word “creativity” were published in English (Colligan, J. Guilford, R. Sternbergг, K.Simonton, E.P. Torrance, Johnson-Laird). Crisis in the modern society should be the turning point for teachers towards the problem of a person’s creativity as a factor of its self-development. The creativity is understood by us as the expansion of possibilities in order to find new technologies in education and interaction with migrant students. The South-Russian region is characterized by a strong external and internal migration. It influences the young people causing tension among them. Universities are considered to be the environment where it is possible to regulate the difficulties concerning the migrant students’ adaptation. The research was based on 150 teachers of the South region of Russia working with migrant students. There have been used such methods of investigation as basic beliefs of a person by Yanoff Bulman; the systems of life sense by V.Yu. Kotlyakov: verbal test by Torrence; method of “I-conception” by M. Kuhn and T. McPartlend; the questionnaire of revealing the successful work of teachers with students. It is established that in the group of successful teachers the basic belief of control is negatively correlated with kindness (-0,45*). A negative relationship between life meaning of self-realization and justice (-0,66**) has been revealed. The positive relationship between self-expression and the image of “I” (0,51*). Self-expression and control are positively correlated between each other (0,48*).

It was revealed that the justice is positively correlated with communicative sense of life (at 0.46). Teachers working successfully with migrant students have social-oriented self-concept. The creativity and openness of the teachers decreases the mind-stereotyping that contributes to the effective establishment of contacts with migrant students and helps them to use their creativity.