M.A. Pino Vázquez1, E. Urbaneja Rodríguez1, A. Mayo Iscar1, R. Garrote Molpeceres1, R. Cuadrado Asensio2, B. Coco Martín3, A. Rodríguez Paredes1, H. González García1

1University of Valladolid (SPAIN)
3University Miguel de Cervantes (SPAIN)
Satisfaction surveys are an essential tool for evaluating the impact of teacher improvements. Obtaining a significant data number is important in order to validate the results obtained.
For 4 years we have conducted satisfaction surveys for our students, before and after completing the course, in online format, to obtain a high number of answers.

To analyze the satisfaction of our students with the subject of pediatrics, totally theoretical, comparing it with the subject Clinical practice of pediatrics, basically practical.

Material and methods:
We analyzed the satisfaction surveys collected during 4 academic courses, about theoretical teaching and about practice. For this, we group the questions according to the contents in 8 subgroups.

In the results obtained in classical teaching, basically theoretical, we did not find significant differences in satisfaction over the years, being higher and higher than that obtained in other subjects of the degree. We found only statistically significant differences in the students' perception of the suitability in the evaluation in the last year.
In the results of satisfaction in the Clinical Practice Subject of Pediatrics, note that although the results are very favorable, there has been a slight worsening of the results obtained with statistical significance in the perception of the teaching staff and in the teaching results.
If we analyze the questions that refer to the OSCE, the degree of satisfaction has improved, especially in some of the items we collect, such as the duration of the test, degree of stress and simulation of situations, after the changes introduced in the last year.

Satisfaction surveys are a valid tool to detect the satisfaction of our students and we must enhance their use.
keywords: survey, satisfaction, osce.