M. Pineda Becerril, A. Aguilar Márquez, J. Axotla García, F. León Rodríguez, O. García León

Facultad de Estudios Superiores Cuautitlan UNAM (MEXICO)
The probability is an important and complex field of study. Fortunately, a few basic topics of the theory of probability are essential to understand the statistics to the level in courses of statistics which are taught in the faculty. Those basic themes are studied in this e-learning course. The section of introduction which discussed the definitions of probability, was developed it is not as simple as it may seem. The basic concepts section shows the calculation of the probability in a variety of simple situations.

The objective was to adapt the concepts of probability, in the subjects of statistics which are taught in the FESC, an e-learning model in order to
(a) optimize the contribution to the content, skills and competences that students must have
(b) the integration of statistical software in courses to highlight applications to problems and real contexts of concepts and methods
(c) the development of interactive materials that facilitate updating and learning by experimentation
(d) the use of a model of continuous assessment that guide and prepare the students in their training and
(e) the promotion of collaborative learning online by assigning projects and activities to be carried out in working groups.

The use of the information technologies allows us to implement a new concept of the use of the modern statistics for the students and this tells us that it is not important to memorize formulas or perform complex arithmetic calculations handmade. As a result, you can concentrate on results in a faster way using some kind of technology (software, advanced calculators, specialized web sites, etc), then give a practical sense to the results through critical thinking.